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Webex App Hub Submission Process

The Webex App Hub enables anyone to share their embedded apps, integrations, and bots with the rest of the Webex community.

anchorApp Submissions

Should you submit your app? It's up to you! If you believe it will benefit other Webex users, it's always nice to share. Consider submitting only when:

  • Your app is final and tested
  • Anyone can add and use it
  • App promotion is important

If your app is for internal or testing use only — don't worry — submissions are not necessary for your app to work.

Still in? Great.
To ensure a quicker approval process, please review everything on the submission checklist.

anchorSubmission Checklist

Your Embedded App, Integration, or Bot must have:

  • Valid entries in all the submission fields

  • A privacy policy that explains how you handle user data

  • A clear description pointing out the benefits of the Integration or Bot

  • An onboarding process and active customer support model

  • A monitoring process to ensure your Embedded app, Integration, or Bot remains functional

  • All features fully operational and tested (no test or demo apps, please!)

  • NO third-party advertisements. If your integration or bot requires fees or subscriptions, please include all pricing details in the App Hub description

  • NO grammatical errors, foul language, or obscene images in the submission fields or rendered messages in Webex

  • NO "Cisco", "Spark", "Webex", "Teams", or other Cisco trademarks in the app title or logo without express permission from Cisco and your app listing must follow the latest Webex brand guidelines. That also means no "Cisco" before "Webex"

Your Integration should also:

  • Use minimum necessary scopes from the OAuth list

  • Have a landing page that redirects from the Webex App Hub and clearly explains your Webex Integration. The landing page should include an "Add to Webex" button, which starts the self-enabled user OAuth process. If not, instructions must provide users a try/use option. This page can NOT be your company home page.

Your Bot should also:

  • Respond appropriately to common initial commands, like: "hi," "help," or "hello"
  • Offer users a way to unsubscribe from notifications if supported
anchorReview Process

The app review process usually takes 1-3 weeks based on the completeness of your submission. Once you submit, someone from the Webex Developer Support team will work with you throughout the review process.

Note: Webex performs testing on all apps before listing on the Webex App Hub.

After approval, if any app is not functional or the information provided is not valid, it will be removed from the Webex App Hub immediately. But don't worry, we will notify you, provide support, and allow you to fix the issue in order to re-list it on the Webex App Hub.

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