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Meeting Transcripts

A meeting transcript is the automatic transcription of a meeting's recordings by our industry-leading speech-to-text engine to capture of what was discussed and decided during the meeting, in text form.

A transcript snippet is a short text snippet from a meeting transcript which was spoken by a particular participant in the meeting. A meeting transcript consists of many snippets.

This API manages meeting transcripts and snippets. You can use the Transcript API to list meeting transcripts, list, get and update transcript snippets. Transcripts may be retrieved via download link defined by vttDownloadLink or txtDownloadlink in the response body.

Depending on the user role different scopes are required for interacting with transcripts. In case the user is a Compliance Officer, the scopes required are spark-compliance:meetings_read and/or spark-compliance:meetings_write. In case the user is a meeting host, the scopes required are meeting:transcripts_read and/or meeting:transcripts_write. In case the user is an Admin, the scopes required is meeting:admin_transcripts_read.


  1. Meeting host listing/getting/updating meeting transcript snippets function is behind on a feature toggle. Only EFT user can use this function.
  2. Listing/Getting/Updating meeting transcript snippets function do not support Admin role.
  3. The meeting transcript can not be recorded until you turn on meeting recording.