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Meeting Chats

Chats are content captured in a meeting when chat messages are sent between the participants within a meeting. This feature allows a Compliance Officer to access the in-meeting chat content.

The Compliance Officer can use the Meeting Chats API to retrieve the chats of a meeting and to delete all chats associated with a meeting. private chats are text messages between two people. group chats are for larger breakout spaces. Meeting chats are different from room messages in that there is no catch-up propagation. I.e. if a user joins a meeting late only, chat messages that are created from then on, will be propagated to this user. To understand which user saw which message if they joined late, you have to query the meetingParticipants REST reosurce for the joined/left times and compare to the meetingsChat chatTime field.

The Webex meetings chat functionality and API endpoint described here is "upon-request" and not enabled by default. If you need it enabled for your org, or if you need help, please contact the Webex Developer Support team at devsupport@webex.com.