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Webex Assistant Skills Developer Portal Guide

The Assistant Skills Developer Portal is a tool for skills developers to create and manage their skills' association to the Assistant skills service.

anchorWhat is the Assistant Skills Developer Portal

The Assistant Skills Developer Portal is a tool for skills developers to create and manage their skill's association to the Assistant skills service. The Developer Portal is located at https://skills-developer.intelligence.webex.com.

This site is not where organization administrators manage skills enablement for their organization. Managing organization-level access to skills can be done in Control Hub by a full-administrator. Once a skill is created in this portal, the content will be viewable in Control Hub. By default, all skills are disabled.

We'll go through the following topics in this guide, which will explain how to use this tool:


When you first go into the Developer Portal, you'll land at the Overview page. This page offers a high level overview of what skills are and what they can do. Reference the guides on developer.webex.com for the most up-to-date content.

Overview Page

anchorLog In

Once you enter the portal, the first step is to log in. For that, you can use the Log In button in the top-right corner:

Log in

In the next few sections, we'll be working on the Developer tab. Once logged in, go into the Developer section.

anchorCreating a Skill

To create a skill, click Create New Skill:

Create Skill Button

You will now be presented with a form that you need to complete in order to create the skill:

Create Skill Form

The details you need to fill in are the following:

  • Name: The name of your skill.
  • Description: An optional description of what this skill does.
  • Home Page: An optional URL to a website with more information about the skill.
  • Invocation Names: Keywords that end-users will use to invoke the skill on a Webex Device.
  • Languages: The list of languages that your skill can support.
  • URL: URL endpoint to your skill code.
  • Contact Email: Email of who should be contacted with inquires about the skill.
  • Secret: Private string used by the Assistant Service to identify itself to the skill. This string is configured in the application code.
  • Public Key: A RSA public key needed to securely communicate between the Assistant skills Service and the skill.

Fill in all the fields with your skill details above. When ready, click OK.

Create Skill

anchorManaging your Skill

Once you have created at least one skill, it'll display in the Developer section as follows:

Skills List

There are six columns of data associated with your skill. We have already mentioned a few of them in the Creating a Skill section. The ones we didn't cover are:

  • Public: An indicator showing if the skill has been made public to all Webex sites. Note: Only skills built by Cisco can be made public at this time.
  • Last Active Time: Last time the skill was connected (if available).
  • Actions: This column contains two buttons Edit and Delete, which we explore in upcoming sections.

Form errors are highlighted in red, for example:

Skill Create Error

anchorEditing a Skill

Want to edit one of the form fields for the skill? Click the Edit button for the skill:

Skill Edit Button

This will open a drawer from the right where we can see a Skill tab.

Skill Tab

If you want to make modifications, click the blue Edit button:

Skill Blue Edit Button

The form to edit your skill displays. As an example, we have added a new invocation name to our sample skill:

Skill Edit Form

Save the changes by clicking OK at the bottom of the form:

Skill Edit OK Button

We should now see the updated skill:

Skill Updated

anchorDeleting a Skill

To delete a skill, click the Delete icon:

Skill Delete Button

You should see a confirmation dialogue. Click Delete in order to delete the skill:

Skill Delete Confirmation

You should see the skill has been deleted:

Skill Deleted