Partner Success Story - Smartnotation

October 12, 2021
Ken Ramroochsingh
Ken RamroochsinghCEO Smartnotation
Partner Success Story - Smartnotation

My name is Ken Ramroochsingh and I am the CEO of Smartnotation. Our head office is located in Leiden, the Netherlands.

Smartnotation is an enterprise level business application to be used for preparing and managing meeting minutes in the most easy and efficient way possible. It runs on any device, is always available and can be used anywhere.

Preparing meeting minutes now is as easy as the meeting itself. Once a note, an action or a decision has been agreed upon, just add it to your meeting minute. When the minutes of the meeting have been finalized, it can be frozen (versioning) and any team member inside and outside your company can review the meeting minutes and follow-up on their actions.

Smartnotation recently joined a host of other application partners on Webex App Hub. We did this because Webex has a massive global reach and we wanted to be able to align to that large customer base. The best way to do this is to have a presence on Webex App Hub.

Having a presence on the Webex App Hub is just the beginning of the process of engaging customers with the Webex team. I wanted to share with you, other developers around the world, what we and the Webex team have done so far and perhaps these are strategies that you can adopt to amplify your company and application in conjunction with Webex;

  1. Once we joined Webex App Hub, we informed our customers via social media. Aligned to that, the Webex team shared the good news on the Webex handles on Twitter and LinkedIn. This gave us a reach to over 250K subscribers on the Webex social media handles and it was a really easy and impactful thing to do.
  2. Smartnotation has a large install base of customers (10K+) and we really wanted them to try Smartnotation with Webex. Therefore we instigated an e-mail campaign with simple and easy instructions to get the two experience (Smartnotation and Webex) working together.
  3. Smartnotation joined Webex in the Nasdaq campaign. Now how cool was this! We were represented with other partners on the Nasdaq board, Time Square, New York. You have to read the blog and see the video. Again, this opened up our brand to the 100s of thousands of customers, more than we could ever dream of.
  4. Key to our partnership is the fact that the Webex team is always available, proactive and gives tremendous support when needed. We have been working as one team to get things done!

Why am I outlining all of this? The main point from my perspective is: get your application aligned with Webex, build the integration and get it on the Webex App Hub. Webex App Hub is a foundational step that opens up the door to you to amplify your brand with Webex.

Looking forward to continuing the partnership with Webex and the exciting opportunities this will bring us in Smartnotation.