Did you see the new API features we announced at Cisco Live?

June 14, 2019
Adam Kalsey
Adam KalseyAdam Kalsey leads the Webex Developer Relations team.
Did you see the new API features we announced at Cisco Live?

This week was Cisco Live in San Diego. 25,000 of our closest friends were hanging out in San Diego. You should come next year, it’s pretty awesome.

Webex was on display in a big way. Hotel room keys (shown above) featured Webex. The new Webex experience was a huge portion of the exhibit hall and it was always crowded.

Developers, we’ve got you covered as well. We unveiled what’s the most extensive set of APIs since we started as Spark for Developers three years ago.

Look for in-depth blog posts in the coming weeks that show you detailed samples and help for everything we announced this week.

Today, here are some details on some of the biggest things we’re shipping.

One of the more popular requests we’ve gotten is for meetings APIs for teams. Every space has a persistent meeting attached to it, but there’s been no way to get the meeting URL or the dial-in info for that meeting through code.

The Meetings Info API, available to everyone starting today, puts the meeting information for every space into a REST API. Add /meetingInfo to the end of any room API URL and you’ll get the same meeting information that you see in the Teams client.

Space Meeting information

GET /v1/rooms/...zYWY1NDEw.../meetingInfo

  "roomId": "...zYWY1NDEw...",
  "meetingLink": "https://go.webex.com/m/8a744c15-1c35...",
  "sipAddress": "157504757@go.webex.com",
  "meetingNumber": "157504757",
  "callInTollFreeNumber": "1-877-668-4488",
  "callInTollNumber": "+1-415-655-0000"

When building a bot, a conversational user interface through chat is great, but sometimes nothing beats presenting a form, some buttons, and maybe a graphic for someone to interact with. Our new support for the open Adaptive Cards format gives you just that.

Adaptive Card example

Being tested now by selected developers in our Early Feature Trial program, Adaptive Cards lets your users interact with your bot's messages in a graphical user interface. We've joined Microsoft's efforts to create a standard for these sorts of cards, ensuring that you can take advantage of the wide application and tooling support as Adaptive Cards grows in popularity.

We also showed off Cloud XAPI. Developers today can send commands to our Room Devices, access their sensors, and manage configurations using the popular XAPI, but the application needs local network access to connect to the device. The Cloud XAPI allows developers in our Early Features Trial program to use a secure HTTP channel to use the XAPI remotely over the internet for any cloud-registered device. Developers can search their devices, get device details, generate activation keys, and even migrate an on-premises device to the cloud while preserving key device settings. We'll be making Cloud XAPI generally available to all organizations and developers shortly.

When you hear Webex, you think meetings; and no wonder. According to Synergy Research, more people use Webex meetings than all other vendors combined. So a huge set of API announcements wouldn't be complete without something new in Meetings APIs.

This week we previewed the upcoming REST Meetings APIs. Webex has a robust set of XML-based APIs already, but they function differently than the modern SaaS developer expects an API to work. So we're moving into the REST world with this new set of APIs. Gone are the days of separate Meetings and Teams APIs. One API with unified user management, OAuth for everything, and core concepts that apply whether you're uploading a file to a Webex Teams space or scheduling a meeting for your quarterly board meeting.

The first release of the Meetings API gives you the ability to schedule, update, and delete Webex Meeting Center meetings, to manage invitees of meetings, and to manage recordings of your meetings.

POST /v1/meetings
Authorization: Bearer 5d042160a3382f45

  "title": "Project Fancy Pants",
  "start": "2020-05-31T20:30:00-07:00",
  "end": "2020-05-31T21:30:00-07:00",
  "timezone": "America/Los_Angeles",
  "attendees": [
       "email": “alice@example.com", 
       "displayName":"Alice Hyatt"
     {"email": “carl@example.com"},
     {"email": “susan@example.com"}
  "enabledAutoRecordMeeting": true

The Meetings API is available for Early Feature Trial now. If you'd like us to consider you for Meetings API access, email a description of your use case to devsupport@webex.com and we'll get back to you in short order.

We talked about a lot of APIs this week. Stay tuned here for some upcoming blog posts with details on APIs for Partner Admin, Policies, a websocket interface to Webex events, Teams read receipts, and a websocket interface for XAPI.