Announcing the Webex Developer Community Forums

March 23, 2022
Adam Weeks
Adam WeeksManager, Webex Developer Evangelism
Announcing the Webex Developer Community Forums

The Webex Developer community is continuing to grow and the fact that it has no “home base” is becoming ever apparent. Our real time messaging space in Webex has reached critical mass. With over 5000 participants, questions and answers are interspersed with general discussion, causing the experience to be less than ideal with the same questions being asked and answers not easily discoverable. The Webex Developer Evangelism team set out to resolve these issues and the answer was right under our noses the whole time, the Cisco Community!

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller

Building the Community

There has long been a Webex Community on the Cisco Community site, but never an area specific to Webex Developers. Working with Webex Community champions Cole Callahan and Danny Servantez Jr, the Webex Developer Evangelism team was able to carve out a space specifically for Webex Developers! We are excited to announce that the Webex Developer Community is now live and ready for your participation!

The Webex Developer Evangelism team started off by scouring all of the Cisco Community, looking for questions and discussions from the Webex Developers. Once those were identified, we moved all of them into the newly formed Webex Developer Community, making these previous discussions more discoverable. But this is just the beginning!

Moving Forward

We have big plans for this new community of ours! Our fantastic Webex Developer Support team be monitoring and answering Q&As posted on the forums! There are also general developer discussions going on as well like: “where do you get your developer news?”, “which Webex bots make your life easier?”, and more! We’re also planning some fun interactions like an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with a Webex engineer, hackathons with great prizes, contests and more so stay tuned!

Join Us

We encourage you to come join us at our new home where we can work together! Be sure to say hi and introduce yourself on our welcome thread. Looking forward to meeting you there at the Webex Developer Community!